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Physical Address:
Bole Sub-City, Woreda , House Number
Postal Address:
The Macedonians Humanitarian Association (MHA)
P.O. Box 101152,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Phone Number:
Office Phone: +251-11– 6452561
Cell Phone: +251911937992

Contact persons:
1. Ato Beniyam (Excutive Director)
2. Yewubnesh Kebede (PR Officer)

Fruits of Goodness

Fruits of Goodness

Organization Structure

Organization Structure


There are a number of activities and tasks in the center. The following are the major activities we are engaged in our center:
  • Identifying the vulnerable disabled and the elderly and giving them services they need;
  • Carrying out projects on the disabled and the elderly to improve their livelihoods;
  • Building the capacity of the people who live and work with the disabled;
  • Partnering with GOs, NGOs, private businesses and individuals;
  • Inclusive development and livelihood activities such as rehabilitating and protecting natural resources to reduce effects of climate change;
  • Providing trainings and conducting research on disabilities and the elder people;
  • Conducting workshops and seminars to share concerns of the elder people and those with disabilities.
Each and every person, irrespective of age, education, qualification, present or past experience or location has a meaningful role to play in supporting and improving the lives of elder people and those with disabilities. Given this scenario, MHA has a system of engaging all as per the plans and arrangements.

Ways of Engaging with MHA
  1. Sharing their grief and giving LOVE
  2. Volunteer services
  3. Knowledge and experience sharing
  4. Mobilizing and providing donations
  5. Creating awareness about MHA among friends, colleagues and family members
  6. Mobilizing partial or full grants for our programmes and projects from funders and business people. 
Fundraising and Other Events
These activities are organized and carried out with the help of volunteers. Members and non-members can be engaged at different stages by contacting the lead staff
of the organization.
Membership: Membership is open to all Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians who share the vision of MHA. In addition to the regular financial contribution (fees) that the members make, they are expected to attend the meetings/assemblies of MHA and to promote the achievement of the objectives through active participation and engagement.
To be a member or to contact us, post, call or email.

Empowering Strategies
1. At Home and Ownership Feelings
2. Education and Trainings
3. Counseling and Service Provisions
4. Networking and Advocacy

About Us

The Macedonians Humanitarian Association (MHA) is an indigenous non-governmental, not-profit and independent organization, founded on 07 January 2010. The purpose of MHA is to support
elderly people and people with disabilities who otherwise have no means of survival by providing
them with shelter, clothing, food, and other basic services. The organization is an Ethiopian Resident
Charity under the legal supervision of the Ethiopian Federal Government Charities and Societies Agency and headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Currently, MHA is providing the above services to seventy (70) disabled and destitute elderly people.
Our beneficiary residents were homeless people picked up from different parts of the country such as
Hawassa, Debre Zeit, Debre Libanos, Addis Ababa and Guder.
MHA is planning to build an all rounded complex to give more services to the ones who have not
been reached. In addition, it is working on sustainable ways of supporting the beneficiaries/residents.
MHA strives to meet the needs of the elder persons and those with disabilities!

Our Mission:MHA is dedicated to providing housing, clothing, food, counseling, information and other necessities
to elderly and people with disabilities. In pursuit of its mission, MHA focuses on the most vulnerable
and disadvantaged elder people and those with disabilities to meet their priority social agendas and
supports them by using varied approached and strategies.

Our Vision:MHA envisions Ethiopia where all the elderly people and those with disabilities have access and equal opportunities to basics in life.
Partial Views of the elders and Patients in the center

Our Goal:
The ultimate goal of MHA is to enable the elderly people and those with disabilities to lead overall better life by tackling exclusion problems and providing services they need in association with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Specific objectives:
  1. Providing all basic services (food, clothes, shelter, hygiene facilities, health, educational and others) to the disabled and elder people who reside in the center,
  2. Helping the disabled and the elder people with the potential to find and retain employment and other needs to participate fully in the everyday life of society;
  3. Helping disabled people by encouragement and example to develop their physical and mental capacities;
  4. Networking and partnering with GOs, CSOs and other organizations to create equal opportunities and access social services for the disabled and the elder people in the effort of poverty reduction;
  5. Conducting research on different aspects of disability as well as the elderly and providing trainings to organizations with similar objectives,
  6. Improving public knowledge and acceptance of the capabilities, needs and problems of disabled and marginalized elder people,
  7. Improving the education, training, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities available to all disabled and elder people in the country,
  8. Disseminating information on disability and elder people in Ethiopia, and
  9. Working on inclusive and integrated community development, biodiversity and livelihood improvement, especially for elder people and those with disabilities.

Our Core Values
  1. Passion and LOVE
  2. Humanity
  3. Volunteerism
  4. Inclusive
  5. Diversity and Respect
  6. Shared Responsibility
  7. Commitment and Empowerment